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How Engaged Are Your Team Members?

  • 70% are disengaged and performing below their potential
  • In 2018, only 21% of team members experienced career growth
  • Only 12% of team members left their job because of money
  • Highly engaged team members are 87% less likely to leave
  • 75% of those that left their job say they left because of their manager

Learn And Grow As A Leader

  • Learn The Key Elements To Get Teams Fully Engaged
  • Provide Effective Feedback That Motivates & Develops
  • Learn Leadership Styles & When To Use Each
  • Develop Coaching Skills To Discover True Potential
  • Create New Personal Effectiveness Habits Each Month

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Learning How To Coach Team Members Changes Everything

As a leader myself for over 30 years, I know it is challenging to find the time to mentor and coach new supervisors we promote. We have our own challenges and time constraints. Sending new supervisors to workshops and seminars provides a way to learn what they should be doing, but I always found that this new information never gets put into action when they return. Supervisor Training Courses provide information, LeadershipMentor Coaching adds application.

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